The Serenity Umbrella Range

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Outdoor cantilever Umbrella

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Shadowspec Serenity™
Precision Engineered Ambience

Elegant, innovative and resilient.
Relax beneath effortless shade.

- Easy-to-use quick deployment every time 

- Manufactured from marine-grade aluminium

- Exclusive 316 stainless steel components

- Heat-treated for structural strength


The Shadowspec Serenity Cantilever Umbrella is engineered
& hand built to provide class and style to any outdoor setting

We have curated a thoughtful range of Sunbrella® fabrics that give you the flexibility to stand out or blend in with your surrounds. Each season we'll release a range of trend fabrics to take your space to the next level.

A Helping Hand.

The Shadowlift™ elevates your shade to a new level. The high-performance umbrella has no old-school crank handles, no cables and no holding pins. We’ve designed the Serenity™ to be the new standard in shade and the gas-strut technology is the muscle behind the system. It works by taking the weight of the umbrella for you. In traditional umbrellas, that weight is been left up to cables and pullies hidden inside the mast of an umbrella. This poses a risk to your shade system because under strain and repetition they wear down and won’t be covered by warranty. We don’t want our customers to get let down by old school thinking so we’ve removed all these risky bits.

The Shadowspec Serenity™ has been engineered with premium-grade aluminium and stainless steel to provide you with an outdoor umbrella that stands up and stands out. Every component has been considered and designed in a way that ensures your cantilever umbrella will survive in the wild. We’ve taken inspiration from our mascot, the heron to bring you an outdoor umbrella that’s the easiest to use, is beautiful and lifts any outdoor setting.

The Shadowspec Serenity™ has no peer, it stands up to the elements and features an ingenious deployment system with no internal moving parts, or cables to break and best of all, no antiquated crank handles.  

We’re committed to evolving and innovating and our patent-pending technology is a prime example of that, giving you the ability to open or close the Serenity™  in just 3 seconds. The umbrella has been designed to be ready to go right out of the box; install it anywhere in your outdoor space and get the instant benefit of a rotatable shade solution.

You’ll continue to be inspired by this brilliant, modern and modular outdoor shade umbrella. Expand your sense of adventure with the Shadowspec Serenity™ and come along on this adventure with us.

Best-in-class Warranty.

Sunbrella Fabric

We’re invested in quality and performance across our range of premium outdoor umbrellas and we’ve cut no corners with our choice of fabrics, passing on the 10-year manufacturer's fabric warranty to you.



Quality Materials

In-house engineering enables forensic attention to detail which allows us to offer a 6-year warranty on the frame, giving you peace of mind that your new shade umbrella will provide you with long term shade.


** Warranty Conditions Apply

Height2760 mm
Width3.5 Oct, 3.0 meter Square or 2.5 Meter Square
Weight15 kg
StylesCantilever Umbrella
PropertiesFabrics Acrylic UPF 50+
ColourRefer to Colour charts in Pictures
FeaturesRotates 360 degrees


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The Serenity Umbrella Range

The Serenity Umbrella Range

Outdoor cantilever Umbrella