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Indoor Radiant Heat Strips

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Heatstrip® Indoor is an Australian designed, engineered and manufactured range of medium intensity electric radiant strip heaters. Ideal for all protected indoor applications, they offer the ultimate in energy efficient heating.
Typical applications include:
  • Classroms and Student accomodation
  • As a bathroom panel heater - in fact, in all residential indoor heating applications
  • Sports stadiums, halls and Churches
  • Warehouses, showrooms, offices and industrial heating
  • Shopts, factories and restaurants
  • Dance and Yoga studio
  • Childcare facilities and hospitals.


In a typical open indoor area, there can be significant are movement which provides a difficult heating challenge. While many conventional heaters rely on convection heating to heat a space, this can be quite impractical and inefficient for these areas, as a the heated air can easily be lost, or naturally move to areas such as high ceilings, out air vents, etc. 
Radiant heaters transfer heat directly to people and objects through infra-red waves.
While convection heaters heat the air, radiant heaters hea the surface of he objects themselves. 
Heatstrip┬« energy efficient electric heaters are effective within indoor areas because they provide tageted warmth directly to the people in their path and can be focused only on the areas that are being used, rather than heating areas that are not utilised (especially close to the ceiling).  

Delivery Fees

$44 - Melbourne Metro, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula

$70  - VIC Country

$66  - Sydney / Adelaide Metro

$94  - NSW / SA Country

$116  - Brisbane Metro, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

$165  - Perth Metro  

Height235 mm
Width800A - 624mm, 1200A - 924 mm, 1800A - 1384 mm, 2400A - 1834 mm, 3600A - 2818 mm
Depth48 mm
PropertiesElectric Radiant Indoor Only


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Heatstrip Indoor Heaters

Heatstrip Indoor Heaters

Indoor Radiant Heat Strips